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Ch Astrokini Narya

Desertstar's foundation queen is Narya, a usual Somali.


Astrokini Narya, 13 months old (April 2004)Champion Astrokini Narya (2003 - )
Usual Somali (63)
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Astrokini Narya -- aka Narya, Naryakini or Naryanka -- was born in March 2003, and came to live with us in June of the same year. Her colouring is known as "usual" because it is the usual coat pattern for Somali cats. Bred by Sandra Melia of Astrokini Somalis, Narya was named after Gandalf's ring, the ring of fire, in The Lord of the Rings, as the entire litter had names inspired by Tolkien.

Narya's mother is Grand Champion Tsailun Silver Charisma (Luna), who lives with Sandra, and her father is Grand Champion Pinegrove Macca Ronni (Pasta), who lives with our other good friend, Brenda, of Supatoft Somalis.

Narya is a very beautiful cat, but she shares a kind of love-hate relationship with our neutered moggie, Fern, and our other Somali, Crystal. She loves heights and her favourite toys are anything she can chase -- literally!

Narya's Show Career
Narya became a titled Champion in May 2004. She also holds multiple rosettes and other goodies from various shows. She held the 2004 Blackiron Venus Trophy (for Best Usual Adult Female) and the 2004 Tiffany Trophy (for Best of Breed Usual Adult), both from the Somali Cat Club, as well as the SLHCA's 2004 Pazman Trophy (for Best Usual Somali Adult).

Click here for detailed reports from Narya's judges between 2003 to the present.

Narya's Gallery
Narya is a natural flair for the camera, one evident since she was small. Here you can see some pictures of her.

Narya as a kitten