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In Memory

Over the years, our lives have been blessed with some wonderful cats. This page is dedicated to their memory.

Cindy Cindy (?? - ??)
Cindy was Dave's childhood moggie. A delightful little girl, she would follow Dave and his family on their walks in the countryside. Dave has lots of fond memories of Cindy, including when she gave birth to a litter of kittens underneath his parents' bed.



Cobweb Cobweb (?? - 1991)
Cobweb was Heather's childhood moggie, a three-legged cat who was always up to mischief. Originally a stray, Heather's parents took Cobweb in after she delivered a litter of kittens in their garden around 1981. After finding homes for the kittens, Cobweb was neutered and remained with Heather's family for about ten years. Her life was cut short when a dog attacked her in November 1991.